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We are digital transformation consultants focused on mid-market organizations. 

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Find Your Mid-Market Advantage

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick...

We believe that mid-market companies have an inherent advantage when it comes to adapting to and implementing emerging technologies.   Big enough to make waves - small enough to not get bogged down.  Even if you don’t fit the typical mid-market mould, let us help you unlock these capabilities to achieve better systems...sooner.


Modular Service Architectures

Fun with blocks...

Small, loosely coupled and cloud native applications will help you become more agile, especially if these applications can co-exist with current systems and leverage a shared foundational architecture.  We can provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to build applications that are capable of following their own separate roadmap but still play nice with all your other systems as they evolve and change.

Old Book

Intelligent Automation

Welcome your new robot masters...

If you are going to add intelligence to your business, you need access to good quality data.   You also need the tools and analytical methods to draw out insights from live transactions.   Sometimes, those insights come from disparate corners of your business.  Our approach improves access to your data, helps you gain the insights on your business and facilitates embedding automation within your process applications.



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November 14, 2018

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